Our story

At the heart of Fred Frik tells the story of a young next-generation of innovators, motivators and entrepreneurs in Vietnam. It’s a story of passion, inspiration and above all, a driving vision to natural dietary supplement that excite the senses and create an experience of indulgent pleasure. We like to think of it as ‘an innovative moment’, made by nature - backed by science - evolved by technology.

Since the creating of Fred Frik brand, our vision dedicated to inspiring and educating consumers to making a difference to adopt healthy living and lifestyles. We have been committed to working with nature to provide people with the highest quality natural supplements. We strive to redefine what's possible by combining nature with science in order to provide safe and effective formulas for optimum health. Our dream is fueled by our dedication to health, wellness and social responsibility. Most of all, we are a passionate nature dedicated to bringing the most innovative, healthy, truly dietary supplement from Vietnam to the world.

Even now that original vision still drives our Fred Frik mission. Our purpose-build manufacturing facility and a dedication to continuous innovation and the development of new products will keep Fred Frik at the forefront of modern supplement culture and built a name and a reputation synonymous with that feeling of relaxed indulgence. Fred Frik  will intend to continue launching new formulas of new products into market on a yearly basis, meeting a broad set of consumer need-states with cutting-edge, clinical-grade solutions.

 We truly care about your results and your health. That is why the entire Fred Frik natural supplement range has been carefully crafted with results in mind, based on scientific research. By combining our passion for health and wellness with dedication to pure nutrition we aim to make the journey to improved health just a little bit easier for everyone.

We believe in listening to what nature has to say. Our business decisions continue to be guided by our values and our commitment to people, planet and purpose in Vietnam, not by profits alone.

At Fred Frik, we believe that health and vitality are a priority. With so many hassles in life today, we decided to create our own formula products, sourcing only the purest ingredients with the highest quality, made with care. We are so proud to share our health products with families just like yours because we know one thing is true - you deserve the best.

Life is too short to be spent in discomfort . Everyone deserves good health, and we truly think that our Fred Frik products can help change your life in the same way that they've changed ours! More than just a natural supplement company, we are here to support you every step of the way in your journey for an optimal mind, body and soul. Fred Frik is not just a brand, it’s a passion - to help you achieve the purely optimal nature.

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